About me

I am Sharukh Pavri, a self taught clock and watch repairer located in Mumbai, India. I have always been very mechanically inclined and have been known to take things apart since I was a kid. I am now better at putting things back together.

After years of working on two-wheelers and computer hardware, I finally plunged into clock and watch repair because I was at a dead end when my regular clock repair person suddenly upped and died. I was left with several clocks and watches but nobody to repair them. I tried out a few clock repairers in Mumbai but always felt like I was perpetually being taken for a ride. I hate being taken for a fool.

I am commited to excellence and pride myself in the painstaking detail and accuracy I bring to my work.

I go to great lengths to maintain the originality and authenticity of a timepiece. Even when I have to fabricate a part, I take great trouble to ensure that my work is atleast of the same standard as that of the original. I firmly believe I must "Do No Harm".

I not only do full repairs but also take on farmed out work like bushing clock plates, repivoting, jewel replacement and of course one-off parts fabrication or repair.

I am a doctor by profession but now timepiece repair is an alternate vocation outside of clinic timings.

I am a repairer not a "collector". You WILL get your timepiece back (even in the rare instance of my being unable to repair it).


All my work is warranted for a year excepting breakage of parts or damage due to mishandling or if the timepiece has been worked on by the owner or another repairman.