Ladies Ebel Watch

This was a 17jewel ladies Ebel watch. It was set in a case so that it could be worn as a pendant. The watch had belonged to the customer's grandmother who had left it to him. It had been lying in his drawer for years and had stopped working.

A quick word about jewels in a watch. Jewels are small bearings made of ruby within which runs the pivot or the end of the arbor (or axis) of the wheel. They are now made of synthetic ruby but in olden days were made of real ruby. They improve the functional stability and reduce wear on the contact surfaces. The pinkish-red spots you see in the pctures below are the jewels.

The watch was completely disassembled and each part inspected. It was then cleaned, reassembled, oiled and adjusted. The photos below show the various stages in the process. Each timepiece goes through various stages when it comes to me.

As you can see in the last picture, the watch is dismantled completely down to every last spring and screw.


All my work is warranted for a year excepting breakage of parts or damage due to mishandling or if the timepiece has been worked on by the owner or another repairman.