Parts Fabrication

This is something that really excites me. To take a piece of metal and then turn it into a functional part, usually not discernibly different from the original part has it's own charm and satisfaction.

Here I will show you some parts that I fabricate to replace parts that were either damaged, poorly repaired, of the wrong type or in some cases, LOST.

With the huge variety in the antique timepieces that I work on, it is usually quicker for me (and cheaper for the customer) to fabricate the part than to hunt for a replacement, which probably would be as old as the part needing to be replaced; that is, IF I could source one.

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  • Gustav Becker Ratchet Spring

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    All my work is warranted for a year excepting breakage of parts or damage due to mishandling or if the timepiece has been worked on by the owner or another repairman.